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Feb 16, 2020, 【直カムA】사랑의 불시착 종방연, 현빈 손예진 서지혜 주요 출연진들 | ‘Crash landing on you' Wrap up party 2020. 02. 16 

Feb 16, 2020, 【直カムA】현빈 사랑의 불시착 종방연 참석, 밤에봐도 잘생김 | Hyunbin 

Feb 09, 2020, 배우 현빈, '국적'가 한국에서 화제.

● 열애설이 있던 여배우 손예진과 주연 드라마 '사랑의 불시착'가 드디어 클라이 막스에.

● 당 간부의 아버지를 위해 한국 망명도 못하고 북한으로 돌아 가지 않으면 안 현빈.

● 예고편에서 0.2 초 정도의 장면이 흐른다. 신분증 "국적"란이 "중국" .

Feb 04, 2020, Twink rookie actor revenge on "bullying during school"?
● Popular TV Series Newcomer Lee Shin-young who is popular for the appearance of “Love Emergency”
-Junior high school and high school alumni have "authorized" their status with graduation albums, and are accusing the SNS of the past of "school violence" one after another. . .

Jan 20, 2020, Actor HyunBin and actress Song YEJI starring TV Series “Land Emergency Landing” are trying to set a new record for audience rating.
● A romantic comedy play about a story in which a conglomerate daughter who has landed in North Korea in a paraglide accident engenders love with North Korean soldiers ● Critiques of "beautifying" the reality of North Korea Nevertheless, (1) one of the cases of recording a higher audience rating than terrestrial broadcasting. ‬
‪ ● This flow was established by the CJ affiliate cable broadcaster “tvn” ‬
‪ ● The following is the ranking of “tvn TV Series” successive “highest ratings”. ‬
‪ 1st place, Tokkebi (2017): 20.5% ‬
応 答 2nd place, respond 1988 (2016): 19.6% ‬
‪ Third place, Mr. Sunshine (2018): 18.1% ‬
‪4, Emergency landing of love (2020): 14.6% (on air) ‬
郎 Mr. 5, 100 days (2018): 14.4% ‬
‪6, signal (2016): 13.4% ‬
‪7, Hotel Deluna (2019): 12% ‬
‪8, answer 1994 (2013): 11.9% ‬
‪9, Smart Jail Life (2017): 11.2% ‬
‪10, the man who became king (2019): 10.9% ‬

Jan 07, 2020, Actor HyunBin & actress Song YEJI, tvN TV Series emerged as WEDDING RUMORS after the broadcast of “Land Emergency Landing” but denied. .
● Both are "not worth mentioning" and "The TV Series works well, and the news is about a laughing-off happening that happened in a lot of interest."

Dec 25, 2019, Photo of actresses Son YEJI and HyunBin are released on SNS on Eve.
● Merry Christmas
Please spend a happy Eve. #Emergency landing of love.

Dec 22, 2019, Actor HyunBin's new TV Series is controversial in Korea.
● Co-starring with actress Son Yeji TV Series “Land Emergency Landing”
-The story of a romance between a daughter of a Zaibatsu who crash-landed in North Korea during a paraglide and a soldier of North Korea - A controversy is emerging because he has "beautified" the reality of North Korea.
* The appearance of HyunBin itself may be "beautification of TV Series".

Dec 09, 2019, HyunBin & Son YEJI attend tvN's new TV Series “Accidental Love” production presentation. . .

Dec 09, 2019, HyunBin & Son YEJI Starring tvN New TV Series “Accidental Love” will be released on Netflix. .
● The Zia region including Korea, English-speaking countries, and Latin America regions will be released after the broadcast ends from the air date.
● Japan and Europe will be released simultaneously on February 16 next year. .


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