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Sep 05, 2018, 【Japanese character】 100% - Heart

Aug 28, 2018, 100%, the personal photo of the new album "Sunshine" is released.

Aug 22, 2018, 100%, September 3rd comeback with new album "Sunshine".

Apr 03, 2018, 100%, Scheduled Japan Concert will be held. "Promise with fans".

Mar 28, 2018, [Literal translation] The contents that late 100% mine released in SNS as cryptic style. The interpretation of fans is a topic. Below is a direct translation of the original sentence's full text and interpretation of the fans.

* "전역 하고 3 개월이나 지났다"
"It took me three months for discharge"

* "언제까지 참아야 하니 티오피야"
"You have to put up with it forever, Tee Opie" * management office

* "10 년 동안 시키는 대로 다 했잖아"
"You've come through all ten years, as I said,"

* "내가 뭘 그렇게 잘못했니?"
"What made me so mistaken?"

* "인내심이 이제 바닥을 친다.."
"Endured as much as I could..."

* "감당이 안되면 놔 주든가!"
"Why do not you let go if you can not afford it!"

* "불쌍하지도 않니 ???"
"Is not it a sad actress So ???"

* "오죽 답답하면 내가 잠도 못 자고"
"If I suffer this much, I can not get sleep"

* "이 짓을 하고 있다 ..."
"I'm doing something like this ..."

* "나도 제발 일 좀 하고 싶다 !!!!"
"I also want to work by all means !!!!"

** It is to introduce one interpretation of the fan, it does not guarantee that it is correct content.

Mar 26, 2018, "100%" former member Chamberu talked about Minu, who passed away.
* Memorial message on SNS.
* "I pray for the soul of the deceased."
* "I hope it will be easier on that sky, Big brother Minu ."

Mar 26, 2018, What will happen to "100%" concert in Japan after the passing of the late Minu ?
* "100% SPRING CONCERT 2018 - Blossom" to be held.
* April 21, Tokyo, Yamano Hall
* April 30, Osaka, circular hall

* The management office "TOP media": Some changes are inevitable. The schedule for April will be rearranged after the discussion in the future. In the deep sorrow of the bereaved family and the members, the discussion is still difficult.

Mar 26, 2018, Late 100% Minu, this year's Japanese interview.

Mar 26, 2018, 100% Minu passed away on 25th, the address and the name of the funeral home are not released due to the wishes of the bereaved family. The funeral and its procession will be done quietly.

Mar 26, 2018, Late 100% Minu, his foot steps in entertainment business.
* In 2006, he made his debut with TV Series "Rounding off 3".
* In 2012, KPOP debuts with seven boys group "100%". Featuring dynamic songs and dance full of energy from the debut song "We, 100%".
* Selected as the leader "No. 1 Communication King" with fans. The impression is "Because I want to see you eye to eye , I post pictures on SNS"
* "Bad guy" (Bad Boy) "The guy like me" "Want U Back" "Summer Hero" "Better Day" etc. released.
* In 2017, released "Where are you" (Sketch U).


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